Founded in Italy in 1987. 

OC1, OC2 and V1
In 1999 became exclusively dedicated to the design and construction of OC1 and OC2 Outrigger Canoes and V1 rudderless Va'a. 

In recent years they have achieved immediate international success with their first surfski. 

Allwave's new Vanguard V1 is rapidly being adopted by Paralympic sprint athletes and for Tahitian style sprint racing.

Allwave Cup
Each year Allwave host the hugely successful, competitive and enjoyable Allwave Cup on Giglio Island, off the West Coast of Italy. 

100% vacuum bagged, vinylepoxy, foam sandwich. 
Each design available in 'Corsa' (sandwich foam carbon) and 'Classica' (glass foam sandwich)
The canoes are all built by Allwave in Italy and now South Africa. They are able to maintain strict control of their manufacturing standards and respect the workers and the environment. 

Custom Colour Designs
For a small premium customers can submit their own design in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw formats. All designs are set in the gelcoat layer and will not scratch off.