Full range of Kialoa Outrigger Paddles and Accessories in stock or available to order.

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Hybrid Paddles: 

Composite Paddles: 

Steering Paddles: 

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Outrigger Hybrid Paddles
Paea Hybrid Double Bend £240.00
Hoku Hybrid Double Bend £225.00
Hoku Hybrid Single Bend £220.00
Mekana Hybrid Double Bend £225.00
Mekana Hybrid Single Bend £220.00
Nehu Hybrid Double Bend £225.00
Nehu Hybrid Single Bend £220.00
Axel II Hybrid Single Bend £220.00
Teva Hoe Hybrid Double Bend £240.00
 Outrigger Carbon Paddles 
Ekahi Carbon Double Bend £280.00
Ekahi Hi-Vis Carbon Double Bend £280.00
Hoku Carbon/Faux Wood Double Bend £280.00
 Outrigger Fibreglass Paddles 
Kaho'olawe Fiberglass Single Bend £95.00
Kaho'olawe Fiberglass Single Bend Adjustable £135.00
Keiki Kaho'olawe Fibreglass Single Bend Adjustable £110.00
 Outrigger Steering Paddles 
Biscuit Hybrid Single Bend £235.00
Foti Hybrid Single Bend £235.00
Mirror Pond Hybrid Single Bend £235.00
Mirror Pond Hybrid Double Bend £235.00
Hawaiki Hybrid Double Bend £265.00
 Hawaiki Hybrid Single Bend £260.00
Hawaiki Carbon Double Bend £290.00
Small Craft Warning Hybrid Single Bend £245.00
 Dragon Boat Paddles 
 Yin Yang Hybrid £185.00
 Zen w/ Ergo-T Grip £230.00
 Zen Adjustable £240.00
 Zen Hi-Vis Adjustable£250.00
 Makahiki £90.00
 Dragon Boat Accessories 
 Dragon Boat Paddle Blade Cover £25.00
 Dragon Paddle Full Bag £60.00