The most popular and successful OC1 in Europe.

Performs well in a wide range of sea conditions: In the surf it doesn't dive or push water and is extremely easy to surf on waves. It proved itself in rough conditions during the Molokai Solo in 2005 (World Championship in Hawaii). In flat conditions it planes on top the water.

The Oracle is a high volume canoe made for paddlers over 180 pounds.

The new rudder NACA profile is more efficient and responsive in all conditions. It has a very high stall angle, never loses lift and can make the difference between catching or missing a wave.

The aluminum iakos have 3 height adjustment settings on the ama and the same on the hull, to customise the canoe for the conditions as well as your weight and ability. The iakos arch to a position out of the rough water and are remarkably rigid as is essential for a competetive OC-1.

The ama is radically different from its predecessors and never gets in immersed. Lightweight and stiff it barely touches flat water for minimal drag.

The comfortable foam seat is easily repositioned whilst on the water.