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Allwave Vanguard V1

Allwave's Sprint Va'a (V1) is a very fast canoe designed for pure straight line speed in short sprint races and in longer races in generally flatwater conditions. Its also widely used in Paracanoe categories.

Va'a design comes from the Tahitian tradition which differs from the OC1 design in two main aspects. Firstly the lack of a rudder, so steering is done with paddle strokes, and secondly the Va'a has a bench seat in a 'cockpit' rather than 'sit-on-top' OC1 seat.

The long water line and low rocker provides speed and directional stability. The rudderless design lowers drag and has the additional benefit of snagging less weed. These characteristics make it excellent for canal, river and lake training too.

The ama can be quickly rigged on either side and height adjusted front and back. 

The Vanguard is available in 3 different models:

Paralympic Classica - designed for Paralympic use in light glass construction.
The warranty is only valid for flat water race use.

Classica - a heavier glass construction. Designed for normal races, as in Tahiti, and to the IVF rules.

Corsa - a light carbon construction - for all use including Paralympic and use on the sea.