A ski for the discerning expert paddler, yet stable and easy enough for an intermediate paddler, even in heavy seas. Fast on flat water, surfs well in big seas and allows full concentration on the paddle stroke. The innovative foot rest allows the paddler to adjust its length backwards and forwards while on the water with a simple lever. 
The inclination of the steering pedals self adjusts permitting the paddler to find correct position while on the water or to change his leg position during a race.

Excellent international results from Simon van Gyssen, Alexa Cole, Mariano Bifano and Dane Sloss.

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Length: 6.4 m
Width: 42.8 cm
Weight: 11.5 kg / 13.5 kg  

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 Length: 5.20 m
 Width: 52 cm
 Weight: 12 kg
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